February 14, 2016

Quiz results

Two winners are: 

Piyush Shah

I remember one Uttarayan, me and my friends got a hookah on the terrace and had great fun celebrating the festival with friends. We tried several flavours and enjoyed. With very less options available in the city for entertainment, hookah has gained a lot of popularity these days.

Nisarg Dave

After a week I got my first hookah it tipped over and dropped an instant light. The worst part is that we had placed it on the carpet. It caught a little fire and left two holes! Thankfully, we put out the fire just in time. I would advise people to take care of such mishaps. 

You all better be careful too! 

Here are some more comments: 

Rupal Singh

I like the paan flavour as it is strong and astringent. It is a manly flavour.

Nihar Gupta

I love the apple flavour as it’s sweet and refreshing. In comparison to other flavours, which smell strong, this one is mild and syrupy.

Trushika Patel

I love strawberry and kiwi as they are the best fruity flavours and definitely the best hookah flavours. 

Congratulations to the winners! 

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