February 07, 2015

If you want to say something to someone, don’t wait for a right time to say it. Just go ahead and say what you want without wasting time. I want to share about my friendship with a great friend of mine who is also my best friend. And I am not going to wait for a special occasion like Friendship’s Day or some other day like that. We met each other when we were kids; we grew up together, shared everything with each other and had our share of fights as well. But most importantly, we just couldn't do without each other. Even after fights, we would always start playing together when we were little. That’s what true friendship is I suppose.

We lived in the same building. We had common friends; and all of us would play together. We would play all day during holidays and everyday whenever time permitted. We all used to play all sorts of games- indoor and outdoor. We used to make a hell lot of noise and at times people would get angry at us in our building due to the havoc that we created. We understood the intensity of the noise we used to make much later, when we ourselves grew up and had to study hard. We were a riot.

My best friend is Marisha. Her nickname is Kabu, and that’s what I call her. Kabu is and has always been my best friend. No one understands me the way she does. We can share anything we want with each other and at times even if we don’t, it’s a relief that we know we can. It’s been 20 years since I know her. We don’t even remember when or how we met as we were too young to even know what friendship is. I have learned a lot from her. When we fought as kids, we used to indulge in politics! We would go to all our friends and tell them about the benefits they would have if they became a part of our “teams”. Yes, we used to have “Tvara’s team” and “Kabu’s team”. It is amazing how our friendship survived in spite of both of us being so headstrong. After a few days, we would become good old buddies again; thick as thieves. This used to shock our friends whom we had forced to choose one of us only a few days back.

We grew up and shared a lot of ideas, thoughts and beliefs. We would talk about anything and everything... books, religion, philosophy, art, history, movies; and gossip about relatives, friends, our parents, boys; and girls as well :) Whenever one of us was down, the other one was always there. Now we don’t fight at all (touch wood). Every relationship can be understood properly given enough time and if you know how to solve the issues, you can. Fights are good to an extent. As they make you understand the person you fight with if you keep an open mind and learn from it. We did that, hence our friendship has stood the test of time. My masi (mom’s sister) had told me that she and my mom used to get into arguments and had sisterly brawls till the day mom got married. After that day, they simply stopped fighting and became best friends. It's been 27 years and they are still rock solid. 

Marisha is an award winning journalist today and she works with The Times of India. She got married last year, and ya I was the bridesmaid at her wedding. Hence, she doesn't live on the third floor of my building now and I really miss her. 

Marisha's column “Law for women" appears in “NavGujarat Samay”, an initiative by the Times of India Group. She writes on the special rights given to women in our Constitution. She has written on various subjects as follows.
  •         Women don’t know that they get special discounts on railway tickets and there are special benefits which are offered to them. It is sad that most of them don’t know about these as these are offered to only those who ask for it.
  •         Women should take precautions regarding the gas cylinders. Regulators of these cylinders should be checked only by the cylinder provider companies. Women should know about the insurance policies regarding this if a mishap occurs which are again hardly known.
  •        Women should make their will and should be aware about its importance. All you need to do is consult a lawyer and make your own will. Indian women should be aware about these things.

Here are the links to some of her articles available online:

She got an award, “Ladli Media and Advertising Award” for her work. She will complete a year with NavGujarat Samay next month. Congratulations and all the best for your future endeavours Kabu. :)

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