August 29, 2015

Being the only child of my parents, I have been a loner at times. I grew up without siblings, which has helped me to be fiercely independent.  I am an ambivert, like most other people. I am very happy in groups but I need my alone time. It is very important to spend some time on your own to plan your life-goals and think clearly. If you are an out and out extrovert, you might be missing out on some quality time spent with yourself.
Nevertheless, I guess I don’t miss having siblings as I have a lot of cousins, from both my parents’ sides. Today being Rakshabandhan, I am going to write about my rapport with my cousins.

Dad side

Hilor: Hilor bhai is the eldest of all my cousins. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of him is his amazing sense of humour. He makes great plans to hang out for all of us. His wife Palak bhabhi is a great cook and makes the best dishes. She is very good at board games, which Hilor bhai also loves to play ;)

Vyom: He has the best ever collection of some great movies. He has been on a solo trip all around India and has written a blog about it. It is inspiring to hear him talk about his travels as I too love such trips. Rajsi, his wife is fun to hang out with :)

Tej: Very resourceful and well read. You would always learn something new whenever you meet him.

Ahan: He is just a year younger to me. He is the sweetest and is a great cook. He has studied wines :)

Rohan: He is the naughtiest. Rohan is always up to some mischief. You can actually see a twinkle in his eyes when he is up to something. We crack all childish jokes whenever we meet.

Kushan: He is very well read too and even writes very well. His social media pages are really very interesting.

Soham: He is the most intelligent kid I have ever met. He asks very good questions.

Shaivya: He is a prankster. He is a very naughty kid. And then he surprises you by being very lovable.

Vivaan: He just turned a year old. I have only seen his photos as he is in Australia. Hope to meet him soon :)

Mom side

Devam: He lives in the USA. Though he doesn’t like to talk a lot, we have had some great chats.

Mickey: His name is Kevin, though we call him Mickey. We get along very well. We don’t meet often, but whenever we do, we can chat for hours.

Kshitij: He is a very sweet boy. He has written me a very nice letter with cute sketches. 

Devansh: We have danced and enjoyed in family weddings as kids. Whenever I see those videos, I laugh out loud.

Dhairya: He loves to play the drums. We both love Green Day :P

Karan: He is a tech geek. He helped me get my new phone recently. Whenever I need to buy a new gadget, he is my go-to person. He talks about gadgets on Fame (It’s an APP).

I am very close to my darling cousin sisters. Though Rakshabandhan is about brothers and sisters, I can’t help but share about them as they are no less than brothers to me. Shaivi, Nijashree and Shailee have been amazing cousins who have always been just a Whatsapp chat away. We have shared some great times together too. Navya, my kiddo cousin reminds me of my childhood, as I was as naughty as she is. We share a great bond even though we only give curt replies to each other :P
My cousin Pooja got married and lives in New Zealand now. It has been almost a year now since she has been sending these amazing motivational messages to me. I look forward to seeing her message everyday. 

My five super cute little cousin sisters Tanvi, Dhruvanshi, Isha, Para and Devki are adorable. It is fun to see them mingle when they are together.

I have a lot of other cousins too, and I am sorry I couldn’t include all of them in this post. My love to all of you. Happy Rakshabandhan. 


  1. Awiieee....amazing.. Sibling love..miss u 💖😘

  2. Oh, thanks for remembering and have such place in your heart as well. One of the best gift I can get today from such sister like you. Thank you so much.
    Happy rakshabandhan

  3. Very nicely written... Best gift for all your sibling on this special day 😍😘

  4. Hahahhaa... Thanks for including me in this 😘 a msg everyday in the morning is just to remember yu all atleast once as yu all are the ones who will be by my side when ever I need

  5. Hey thank you for mentioning me.. Love u always!!! Take care

  6. Thanks everyone for the comments ... My love to all :)