November 24, 2015

No-shave November quiz results

It was fun to see the mind blowing response to the No-shave November quiz. I got some amazing pictures and comments.


Mayank Pansheriya

“We all know that the purpose of No Shave November is to help cancer patients. My reason, why I'm following No-shave November is for my uncle and other cancer patients in India. My uncle has Brain cancer from past two years. No-shave November is doing a great job but the benefit goes to only the US citizens. In India, there are no such programs. I'm growing beard and spreading the awareness against cancer in India. So people can take initiative and start such kind of programs, which can financially help the cancer patients in India.”


I am really touched by Mayank’s gesture for his uncle and cancer patients. Also, his answer is true to the spirit of the No-shave November, also referred to as Movember.

Here are some amazing comments and pictures which I want to share. Thank you everyone. This quiz was fun!

Sagar Shah

"Most of my months are no different from movember! Carrying beard is like carrying manhood right on your face. When you have patience to grow beard, you have patience to deal with any shit.
#NoShaveNovember "

Yash Mehta

"Why I grow beard? Because I love the rough look. Other reason is I am very lazy,sometimes I forget trimming too😜. And the most important one is, I heard that girls love guys with beard. Being single, that is the biggest reason I😂"

Sherwin Everett

"I just like to and I can that's why. I'm the typical wildlife conservationist type. Long hair long beard. It goes with the whole rugged look. Some baby animals love nuzzling it."

Abraham Johnson

"Beard turns laziness into awesomeness"

Shreyas Nair

"There has been a relatively new trend set off in recent years where women find themselves attracted to men with facial and body hair. A beard is the first thing a person will notice, and the first thing a guy will be asked about.
The only reason I grow it although is I am very much aware about the No-shave November; to give up shaving just to save the shaving and hair dressing money to be donated for the welfare of cancer patients."

Hardik Nayi

"I have no reason to keep a beard as such. But yes, I want a bun style look like this guy. Main bun style banana chahta hu...thats the reason for No-shave and no hair cut."

Karan Rupera

"This one is a tribute to Mitchell Johnson as he announced his retirement from international cricket."

Hiral Rupera

She has posed candidly with her brother :) Love this picture!

Ramana Vamsi

"My pic when I was 20 years old. This is a throwback to old times." 

Saleell Kaarkhanis

"I am sending this picture in remembrance of my late grandmother who passed away due to cancer when I was only 18."

Ha ha..he is the owner of Darshan. He whatsapped me his pic and said, "Its late but can I still participate?" Amazing spirit! :)

Thank you all :)

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