October 13, 2015

Who is your alter ego? Quiz result: 

Thanks everyone for a truly amazing response. I am overwhelmed enough to write another blog post as I have got some truly stupefying answers which I am going to share here. 

First and foremost, announcing the winner: 

Maaya khudabadi

I work on two aims together in life, for family & friends and another for my country India. The entrepreneur part of me motivates me to work harder for family and the true citizen in me makes me think beyond. I m born in India n feel responsible to work for my country. My alter ego is when I become resourceful to more & more people and make everyone around me achieve their goals.


I love it as its selfless and makes me proud as she is a true Indian like me. 

I also thank all those who sent their answers right in the comments below. Everybody can read your views, which is a great way to share. 

I want to share three wonderful answers:

Mihir Mehta

Let me put it this way. I feel absent minded or lets just say disconnected at times. I have a tendency to evaporate. That happens more when I indulge into the beauty of the nature. The reason I choose to freeze frames of people, nature or the other subjects because i want to think from their perspectives. I feel lost and Concentrated the most at the same time when I am looking into my Viewfinder. I am glad that I am gifted with an ability to connect to unknowns whether they are people, trees or objects. I lose myself to the thoughts and solitude. My photographs are my reflection. I am the fiction of my own. That is my other half. A trusted friend. My existence lies in my alter ego. :)

Mihir is a photographer and he also shared some pictures with me to explain his alter ego. I have made a little collage of the same. Take a look: 

Check out his page: https://www.facebook.com/mihir2011

Ansh Jaisinghani

A brief conversation happened a few weeks ago with a person sitting diagonally opposite to me, having her blue eyes fixed on me, as if reading the flow of my thoughts.

"So, you think you are creative?" she asks me.

"I can't even imagine that."

"So why do you keep saying it to your friends, that you are creative and you are working on this novel and scripts and all such illusions? Isn't it your ego?" she queried, with the same penetrative stare.

"It would have been, if I hadn't included YOU in my conversations with them." I said, quietly looking back at her.

"What do you mean?" she smiled.

"Well, by all means, you are my alter ego. In your presence, in me, there is no chance for any ego to take over, isn't it?" I muttered in a slightly low voice.

She didn't say anything after that. She just smiled once more and turned into a vapor; gliding and making a low hissing noise, it gathered speed and swooshed back in me, leaving my eyes closed and a smile on my face.

Yeah! That was my alter ego. My own creativity!

Ansh is a writer, check out his website/blog: http://www.anshjaisinghani.com/

Parth Pancholi

My alter ego is dancing.......it gives me happiness but I wont make my career in that. I love to learn new styles and have also performed in many programmes..... so dance is my alter ego...

Lets prepare a dance together and win a competition Parth :) I love dancing too. 

Thanks everyone :) 

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