October 10, 2015

Who is your alter ego?

Women love makeup. We all love to deck up in style, don’t we? For some it might be a full one with cleanser, toner, moisturiser, foundation, kohl, eye-liner, lipstick, mascara, etc.; while for some it is only thick kohl or maybe a lip gloss. Minimalist or over-the-top, makeup is a must for (most) women. Looking good comes naturally to us. Makeup might be used to stand out, accentuate ones features, and of course to look beautiful, but have you ever wondered that it can be used to hide ones face too? That it can make you look like a totally different person?

I find this really interesting. I want to be a different person with makeup. I want my face to be painted. I want to express myself with face/body paint. I know someone who is not only great at this art but also beautifies thousands of women the way they want – to stand out or to hide away and expose their alter ego. Yes, alter egos are beautiful too. Aanal Patel is your go-to person if you want to bring out that alter ego.

I know Aanal since childhood as we grew up in the same neighbourhood. I remember her well as she had boy cut hair; now she owns a saloon! She has long hair nowadays and beautifies women at her saloon in Ahmedabad. Orange The Salon is one of its kinds as it also offers face/body paint for portfolios along with the usual services offered at saloons. Aanal is in this field since 14 years. She practised with her mom in the USA for two years and now she has her own saloon since 6 years. Aanal says, “Face/body painting or makeup is an art. It is not just about looking beautiful but also expressing oneself.” True that!

Here are a few faces that she has painted:
Wondering how she did this... I want to get this done too!


Texture on the face

Mysterious bunny

Great makeup with amazing expressions

Want to be a modern bride? 

Horror is imagination

 Love for the wildlife

She has named it 'Caged by society' - great work!

Aanal is also asked to judge fashion events due to her vast experience in styling and beauty. Though she loves to conceptualize photo shoots and portfolios for which she takes care of styling, designing, makeup and hairstyle, her forte is makeup. 

That's the woman with the magic makeup kit

She takes bridal makeup and styling orders too; to see those pictures please have a look at her Instagram profie: https://instagram.com/aanalsavaliya/

Introducing a new quiz related to the blog...

Quiz question:

Who is your alter ego and why?

So that's your question. Please send your answers in the comments below or you can even email me at tvara129@gmail.com

It is valid only in Ahmedabad.

Please send your answers by Monday, i.e. 12th of October, 2015.

The best answer would be published on this blog post and also on my social media pages.

The best answer would also get a voucher from Orange The Salon. You will get INR 1000/- off on any service at the saloon.

P.S. Orange The Salon is a women’s saloon, but men are welcome to send their answers too. You can (will have to) gift it to your wives or girlfriends or sisters or mothers :P


  1. I m Nijashree jodhani. I am a management student. But if i have to say about my alter ego, its always when i see myself as a host and cook for someone...Cooking is medidation for me ...it gives me mental peace and happiness and creates a whole new me-The person who just want to serve her loved ones with her delicious food and make everyone enjoy the environment and their existence.

  2. Replies
    1. The reflection I see in the mirror is my alter ego. The whole of my existence with endless possibilities. 😊

  3. Great marisha..

    Send your answers soon everyone, time is running out!

  4. Smile and happiness on face of ur loved once and wen u get to know dat d reason behind diz is u....i guess dat is wen u feel really really special...i consider dat feelin of being special as my alter ego

  5. I work on two aims together in.life, for family n.frndz and another for my country India. The entrepreneur part of me motivates me to work harder for family and the tru citizen in me makes me think beyond. I m born in India n feel responsible to work for my country. My alter ego is when I become resourceful to more n.more people and make everyone around me achieve their goals.

  6. Wow...

    who else is going to answer?
    Keep them coming !

  7. Well well well nicely written fellas!!😊

    Nd Tvara alter ego is the word I love the most possibly coz of its meanin'!!😍 nicely written as olways!!😊

    Mah alter ego is olmost a social service to ppl like being sweet to people as sweet as bakesters yea here it is Nd its BAKESTERS a firm started by me along with three of mah coll frnds Nd at present I solely own it along with mah mom ,the idea of startin' this firm was to serve as much as ppl v could reach by the amazin' hospitality v provide of free home delivery in the whole ahmedabad city Nd now till narol, vatva Nd gandhinagar too!!

    So yea coz being sweet to ppl Nd being an altruist it gives me mystical Nd serene happiness!! So yea servin' ppl givin' them the best service possible even if I'm affected in doin' dt gives me da most pleasure!!

    I can conclude sayin' that I find my happiness in makin' otha ppl happy!!😊😎

  8. Sorry for being late for the quiz!! I was very busy!!πŸ˜“