December 28, 2015

Quiz results for the 'Open With Smile' gifting contest

Once again, got a terrific response; this time, from all over India. The best answer was from Kalrav Acharya, who shared a truly wonderful experience. He got a lovely and thoughtful gift, which is absolutely my kind of gift. Unfortunately he is travelling and around Pondicherry, Chennai and will be leaving for USA soon. Hence, it will be difficult sending the gift card to him. Here is his answer:

“I was leaving home for a long time, and me and my friends were getting very emotional.
At this point - one of my friends came up with a farewell gift idea that blew me out of the water.
This was given to me when I was leaving and it was a complete surprise.
What she did:
She decided to separate my time in Auroville between 'pull me ups' and 'shared memories'.
On small blue pieces of paper, she wrote encouraging comments that had to do with my life in Auroville and my reason for departure. And on white pieces of paper- she wrote about the wonderful times we shared together. They were tied neatly in small rolls of paper. And put in a small jar from a locally made jam jar. There were about 50 of them- and there were specific instructions of when to pick which color.
It was the best gift one could ask for leaving home.”

Love this gift from the mystery girl, it is so important to understand when to remember which memory to keep going in life. A true friend like her would go the extra mile to gift something so thoughtful.

So here are the two winners:

Bhagyashree Bhaya

“On my brother's 19th birthday I gifted him a DSLR with my own savings and though it shook my budget for the next 3 -4 months but that is just worth it. He never demanded one, but I have seen him struggling hard to click pictures through his phone and upload on social platforms where he can reach millions of other photographers who appreciate others work as well. He might be still a kid in my parent's eye who is not aware of what world is outside but he is clear about his passion and his desires and that is what matters in the end. And so this is what I gifted him… his passion…”

Sister love :) 

Kunjal Malik

Best gift I ever got was from my parents a very beautiful Pendant once I entered my teenage.

Best gift I ever gifted was to my parents their International trip to Dubai, after spending so much on my wedding n making it grand that's all I could give them in return, gave them their second honeymoon.”

This one describes the most beautiful bond between a child and parents.

I wish I could gift a card to this answer too, though there are only two gift cards, but sharing it nevertheless.

Mitul Khamar

“I want to share with you one experience about gift of my life. Before 3 years I wanted to gift something special to my younger sister on her birthday and finally I decided to gift her Activa. 
On her birthday, when I told her to close her eyes and put keys on her hand she really cried with happiness and I can't explain that moment in words because she was very happy as she did not expect that gift, I still remember her face and I was really happy also because first time I have seen her this much happy.”

Congratulations to the winners :)

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