December 20, 2015

When you can’t put it in words, put a gift in a wrapping.

It is so difficult to express what you want to say through words at times. Mostly, we resort to letters or cards in such situations. What helps the most during such times is gifting something to express your sentiments. Though people deny extravagant gifts in weddings, gifting always works its wonders to nourish a relationship.

Gifts are the best way to express your feelings.  Gifts tend to make you happy even if you are the one who is gifting it to somebody rather than receiving it. The smile that you see on the receivers face is the best ‘return gift’ that you could possibly have. Similarly, when you gift something that the receiver doesn’t really like, you feel quite bad, right?
Let me be your Secret Santa!
‘Open with smile’; you will find this written on envelopes containing letters mostly. When you know that you are getting a letter from a loved one, asking you to smile as you open it, you are surely going to love it and as a result, it will indeed, make you smile. However, if you get a gift on a birthday or on some special occasion, mostly you tend to be apprehensive as you open it. Let’s be honest, we all have experienced that time when we opened the gift with a smile but weren’t so happy later on as the gift isn’t something of our choice. Many a times some clothes which we get as gifts don’t fit us well.

We can’t make use of the gift neither can we return it as it is difficult to return without bills. Asking the person who gifted you for the bill is also as indecorous. So what to do?
With the holiday season in full swing, are you also looking for getting a gift for your beloved/friends/relatives? Are you worried that they might not like it? Let me help you here. The beautiful world of e-gift cards is the best way to get the best present for your loved ones. E-gift cards make it possible to not only gift your loved ones but also ensure that they love it as they can get whatever suits their whims.

‘Open With Smile’ is your go-to online store to gift e-cards to your loved ones this holiday season. The wedding season is in full swing, which is the best time to get together with the family and shower the people you love with gifts. Also, with Christmas round the corner, it is time to be the Secret Santa and send gifts. So stop pondering what to buy and check out this amazing website to enter into a wonderful world of gifting. Now you can gift anytime, anywhere with ‘Open with Smile’,
E-gift  card from 'Open With Smile'
This awesome website offers more than 100 brands on board and few brands from Ahmadabad also. If you happen to be a corporate you can reach them for group gifting and unique gifting like video messages. Now choose from restaurants like Costa Coffee, Dominoes Pizza or Mainland China and brands like Allen Solly and Fab India for vouchers and gifting. Amdavadis can also go for local brands like Mr and Mrs Somani and Nishi Nail Spa and Boutique.

Let’s have a quiz on gifting this holiday season, shall we?

‘Which is the best gift you got or gifted, and why?’

Send in your comments in the comments section of this blog, or email me:

Send in your answers till the next Monday, i.e. 28th Dec, 2015

The best two comments will get an E-card from ‘Open With Smile’ worth INR 500/- each.

Buy yourself something nice with it or you can even gift it to someone :)

This contest is valid all over India. So come on people, lets gift! :)


  1. Hi Tvara,

    Greetings for you!

    From my first PF I bought new bike for my papa on his 50th birthday. He was amazed and I was happy.


  2. On her birthday, i asked her, "what she want as birdthday gift" and she said "just one thing and that is my wish. i want your all subjects clear in this exam " and i worked hard for it and clear my exam ans gifted her..

    This gift she want because she always want to see me on right path and on the path of success..

    -Abhishek Vora

  3. Hey,

    Best gift I ever got was from my parents a very beautiful Pendant once I entered my teenage.

    Best gift I ever gifted was to my parents their International trip to Dubai, after spending so much on my wedding n making it grand that's all I could give them in return, gave them their second honeymoon.

  4. Thank you for your comments, please share your contact numbers or email id on


  5. Hello Tvara, I don't know about this but this story what I'm going to sharing with you right now.

    About 2 years ago my friend's big brother blessed with baby boy and they are belongs to middle class family and they don't have vehicle. that time I'm with my friend at hospital and after few days they discharge from hospital and as you know that I have car so I have taken him and his family members with me in my car and the baby boy have doesn't have sense where he is but after that whenever I go to my friends place and that time he smile like he knows me very well. After few times I visit frequently his place and he told his father to he wants to ride with me in my car. I can't express the feelings of his cute boy when he ride with me in my car and he even forgot everything after seating in my car. His father told me that "TU AAVE TOH TAARI CAR JOYI NE J AMNE BADHA NE BHULI JAAYE" and he literally forgot everything. Now he is more than 2 years and he can speak. So whenever I go to meet my friend and he just come to me in my car and says I will also buy 2-3 big cars one day and I can see that smile and charm on his face whenever he is in my car. And I like to give him smile. Because wo kehte hai na k DUSRO KI KHUSHI MEIN HI APNI KHUSHI HOTI HAI. So I gift smile on his face every time I visit my friends place.

  6. Hi Tvara..

    Nice blog..
    On my brother's 19th birthday I gifted him a DSLR with my own savings and though it shook my budget for the next 3 -4 months but that is just worth it .He never demanded one , but I have seen him struggling hard to click pictures through his phone and upload on social platforms where he can reach millions of other photographers who appreciate others work as well. He might be still a kid in my parent's eye who is not aware of what world is outside but he is clear about his passion and his desires and that is what matters in the end. And so dis is what I gifted him.. his passion..!!!

  7. Thank you so much for your comments Karan and Bhagyashree :) Both are lovely experiences.

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