March 26, 2016

A sharp satire of our society

I hardly get into political discussions. I don't even read the newspaper regularly. Lot of people ask me what kind of books do I read. I read things that would make me think. Not merely debate. Like news channels and newspapers make you do. Just debate. Will your debate change anything? Are you making a difference in the society by sitting and debating about the so called 'current issues'? Do we even have any media which throw light on what is actually happening with this world? The reason I don't get into such discussions is because I am apolitical. When you read the history of the world (of which politics is a part) you just know that nothing has ever changed really.

The world was, is and will continue to be controlled by the 'elite'. What we think is the change, in fact, might be changing us - by indirectly influencing us to follow that change. We have all read about Freemasonary, The secret society, and all different sects which have an upper hand on the society as they have the information and the power. Powerful information anyway, cant be disclosed to the world as it would result in chaos. It needs to be in the hands of a trusted and responsible few. But, the question is, would those few remain responsible once they get a hold to that power? Power changes everyone, doesn't it?

Zanane Rajsingh's new video talks about this very phenomenon that we have been witnessing since ages now, though all we do is ignore it. He has also sung and featured in it. I first met him when I interviewed him for Femina, for his movie which was selected to be premiered at Cannes. His perspective is fresh and narrative makes you feel you are watching some foreign language video, though he makes all his videos/movies in Ahmedabad -right from shooting to editing and all post production activites. The treatment is a relief from the same old stuff we see being marketed as 'urban' films. He hopes to see more cult, offbeat stuff happening in his city. So do I.

'Mad world' might come across as a stylish video with skimpily clad women and men smoking like there's no tomorrow (YouTube is blessing when you want to show what you need to for creativity's sake) but it aptly depicts what has become of our society. You can see alter egos of the protagonist - a woman who dresses up eagerly for a party she isn't really going to like later on; a man who smokes the same way though his T-shirt keeps changing(depicting the scenario we live in, wherein all do the same thing) and the protagonist himself - who knows very well about all of this, still walks into the party, clad in suit and boots, hiding his fear of that power- which controls him as well.

We don't realize that we are living in a continually growing dark world when we give little girls bikini clad Barbie dolls to play with, or when we clap our hands on seeing young children dancing with their chests bouncing on reality shows - but it is a mad, dark world - which is portrayed in a dark light in this video. If you cant protect children from these issues, they would surely grow up to be the kind of people who simply want to 'fit in'. Even though they know that they cant. This video shows the ugly in a  beautiful way - a sharp satire of our society.

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