March 21, 2016

Let’s shop, window-shop and see others shop

With spring round the corner and holidays in full swing, flea markets are the flavour of the season. While in the olden times, flea markets were organized to sell goods and also offered barter merchandise, now these are theme based events selling handicrafts, apparel, food items, jewellery, home decor items and also have live DJ’s, food courts, games and competitions. Flea Market is a translation of marché aux puces, which literally means, an outdoor bazaar in Paris.
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An old story goes that, people used to come to exchange all sorts of goods in these flea markets. Some old furniture resold would be laden with fleas and hence the name ‘Flea market’. Today, however, the scenario has changed. Flea markets are not only the one stop destination to buy interesting handicrafts and all sorts of other items, but also a place where you can meet and network with the most interesting people.
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Mumbai is no doubt one of the most happening places. There are a lot of events happening this month. While there is a quiz at Doolally Brewery, (and of course the winner gets free beer) there are some Night Cycling rally’s too, for outgoing people. There is one very interesting event wherein people get together and talk about their failed businesses in order to inspire others to not give up called ‘FuckUp Nights’.  I love going to Flea Markets as they have all kinds of activities one can indulge in, like the ones mentioned above. It’s fun to shop, window-shop and see others shop! I remember we used to go to these exhibition-cum-amusement-parks during summer vacations when we were in school. Flea markets are a modern version of those exhibitions (though they have been popular since many years in some western countries).
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‘The Lil Flea’ at the BKC Ground in Bandra last weekend (11th to 13th March) was one of the most happening events in the city. The 7th edition of this amazing flea market saw PopUp Shops, Curated Foods and Artisanal Desserts, Performances by Live Bands, Poetry Club, Standup Comedy, Kids Arena, Games Zone and The Lil Books Exchange. People flocked together to the Lil Flea these three days and bought all sorts of handicrafts and gorged on scrumptious food.
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There is one very interesting, similar event in Ahmedabad from 29th April to 1st May. Organised by Sharva Ad and Events, D’ocean is an ocean theme based flea market to be held at The Green Pearl. With over a 100 people all over India showcasing their products, it is an event which is bound to have something of your interest. D’ocean will have a delectable spread of food, amazing stalls and live band performances!

If you are interested to showcase your products, book your stall till 31st March to get an early bird discount. For inquiries, please call on 9099065993/7874762882 or drop an email at

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